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About Bright Start CIC

Bright Start is a community interest company dedicated to providing high quality homes for people with addiction issues. Our homes are available to anybody that is still in any form of active addiction but has a desire to stop and a willingness to accept support with that process.

Bright Start was established by Dale Milne and Dale Mordlock who have vast experience and expertise in providing safe living environments for people with addiction issues and creating programs to aid their rehabilitation and recovery giving the chance to make a new bright start.

dale milne director of bright start recovery housing lancashire

Dale Milne (Director) - My Story

Six years ago I was practically a homeless drug addict that would often wash and eat at the local soup kitchens. I had no hope and was full of despair. At this point of my life, I had lost all my personal identity and was constantly living in fear. Reaching out to services felt like it was all I had left..........

Today my life is very different. I now have an extremely supportive partner and family with children, along with a very clear vision and a natural desire to help others who find themselves in that situation so that together we can prove that �Anything is possible�

I now have these qualifications & extensive training history:

City and Guilds Level 5 (Diploma) in Leadership Management for Health and Social Care and Children�s and Young Peoples Services

BTEC Level 2 (Diploma) in Team Leading in Leadership and Management, in Health and Social Care.

NVQ level 3 Health and Social Care (Diploma) in Health and Social Care.

NVQ level 2 Health and Social Care (Diploma) in Health and Social Care.

dale mordlock director of bright start recovery housing lancashire

Dale Mordlock (Director) - My Story

I initially trained as an accredited psychotherapist in 2001, I worked mostly for eight years in the voluntary sector in various positions learning my trade from the ground level and it was the best grounding I could have had, at the age of 30 I ended up running the addiction services for the private healthcare provider the Priory, my position was Lead Addiction Therapist.

I got completely lost in the world of private health care and disillusioned by the industry, my skills now are based in creating projects of complete social impact, I have created two large therapeutic communities with unique programmes that have helped over 1000 people get into sustainable recovery.

During this time being a Director and Registered Manager whilst holding my registration for in excess of 10 years with CQC. This venture with Dale Milne is the next phase of my career and the passion towards this venture is as strong as when I first started. I believe we are all put here to make a difference and that's my purpose to make a difference socially through the application of ethical business and the people like me who needed the help the most.

We are, as Directors, the very people that want to help change the destiny of not only you but the generations that follow us, we believe through relationships anything is possible.

Karla Martin (Administrator) - My Story

admin at bright start recovery housing lancashire

My name is Karla Martin and I’m a Registered Nurse. I have been a nurse for 12 years and have worked in various settings including Acute Medicine, Rapid Response, and Rehabilitation and have recently progressed into a more senior role (Sister). I have always been involved in Adult Social Care and decided to follow my dreams to help people in need since leaving school.

Myself and Dale Milne met just over 5 years ago and now have a young family of our own together. I have always known about Dale’s own lived experiences and fully supported him on his journey to help others who found their most vulnerable self in similar situations.

I believe that there are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking.

Social Impact Policy

Bright Start is registered as a Community Interest Company and as a consequence of our daily activities, our ethos is completely underpinned by the desire to re-invest, in some form, back into the community which we serve.

Within the fabric of this policy, on a yearly basis, all directors will implement effective strategies, mainly by the activation of financial donations to closely linked charities of which they assess will directly have a beneficial, positive social return for all the communities we operate within.